Hello, Mesen! / by Lowri Johnston

Well here I am launching the Mesen website! It’s been a long time coming and was on my mind throughout 2018 but here I am on a dark January afternoon and it’s 2019 - how did that happen? 2018 was an exciting year for work (have a taste of what I’ve been up to in the work section) but I always knew I wanted to give a brand to what I’m doing and make it clearer to clients what the services are for offer.

So here we are, Mesen! What is this Mesen then?

Mesen is the welsh word for acorn. As a girl from Carmarthen, the story of the Old Oak is part of our heritage here… as a matter of fact I can actually see the place the old oak used to stand (which is now a lovely mini roundabout…) from my house - which also serves as the office!

I’m hoping to blog during 2019 (says the motivated-january-me) and share advice and interesting things I come across through work. The blogs will be in Welsh and English and hope you’ll find something of interest. Let me know if you’d like me to cover something specific!