Tools I'm using in 2019 / by Lowri Johnston

I love the start of January. I’m not big on new years resolutions - I tend to break them and then feel crap about it, but I do love the new start January gives. A clean new diary and big plans!

During the past couple of years being freelance I’ve tried loads of different things to keep my work and projects organised. It’s possible to spend SO MANY HOURS putting things in place. They might look pretty but if they don’t work for you then what’s the point?

I thought it would be a good idea to share what I’m using incase they are of use to you.


Oh I love diaries. I found myself last year having 5 diaries. FIVE! Why?? I tried to convince myself that I needed 5 for different aspects of my life but that came to an end quickly enough. So this year I’m keeping things simple. Ish.

Ical - Schedule for my phone, ipad and computer. I use different colours for different type of events eg. appointments, monthly clients, specific projects and self-care - which I have to place in my diary to make sure it’s done (so important!).

Bullet journal - Yup I’m one of those. I bloody love a bullet journal. There, I’ve said it. I use it for project planning and monthly and weekly tasks. Also for noting ideas, scribbling and whatever else I want. January always looks nice, February is ok and then it’s down hill from there - but it works for me.

Paper diary - Hmm maybe I don’t need this too but it looks so pretty. I keep this on my desk and write a daily to do list in it - the space isn’t too big so the list can’t be too long. It keeps me in check!



Google Drive - To keep files and share them with clients.

Asana - To put a plan in place and keep a client up to date with how things are shaping up.

Adobe Creative Cloud - I use Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator for design and photo editing. I also use Adobe Acrobat for editing and creating PDFs.

Social media

Buffer - Scheduling social media.

Canva - Creating eye-catching images and banners for social media.

And that’s it! How about you - do you have anything to add?